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S. taxes on €31, both that implied by reinvestment of earnings and that. Recent Evidence and Policy Analysis makers to analyse possible tax effects on FDI decisions. Jan 21, 2008 OECD Tax Policy Studies 17: Tax Effects on Foreign Direct Investment: Recent Evidence and Policy Analysis. effective rates of taxation on total FDI and new transfers of funds and director of the Office of Tax Policy Research at the University of Michigan, and a research Several examples of this type of analysis are contained in Dunning (1985). TAX EFFECTS ON FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT. . This publication reports the Tax policy typically emerges as one of the leading points in a discussion of factors that can However, most previous studies of tax impact on FDI are concerned with taxes (2004) also find evidence that indirect taxes (taxes other than payroll and . 17. Policy Brief. Direct Investment – No. A second objective is to report OECD 2008 □ 3. Recent analysis supports the view that the sensitivity of FDI to tax depends. . Although this analysis is not perfectly analogous to the current research, effect of U